2015. április 24., péntek

CNC Motor Driver 4. - MOSFET Driver revised

I was thinking, looking around a lot before I designed and built the current motor driver circuit. I wanted to use something cheep, something I can learn from.
The current one is working, but I was thinking, how can I make it a little bit faster. When I designed the current one, experimented lot on the breadboard, but not used ltspice to simulate the circuit. When it was finished, I needed to tweak it, here and there, to be able to reduce the noise for the clear measurement signal.
Now I'm trying to get faster switching, to reduce the heat generated by the MOSFET.
First of all I run a simulation of the original circuit.

The circuit:
And the result:
As you can see the the timing results:
Switch on time: ~500ns
Switch off time: ~500ns

After 2-3 weeks of continuous (in my spare time, what I not really have to much) simulation, changing components, pursuing different ideas, finally I created a little bit better one.

The circuit:

And the result:
And the timing:

Switch on time: ~30ns
Switch off time: ~100ns

Much better.
Based on the things above, I designed a little bit different circuit. The reason: I use mostly trough hole components for the home made PCB and switch to SMD when I order the final one.

The schematic
And the PCB design:
Hopefully I'll be to build it during the weekend.

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