2016. január 18., hétfő


For my soldering work I almost exclusively using the StickVise to keep the boards, connectors, etc. in its place on my desk.

As I'm not working in the electronics industry in my daily work, I don't have it in the office just at home. It happened that I was need to solder some audio cable there. Without the StickVise it was a horror.
During the weekend, I was thinking. What would be the solution. I deffinetelly don't wan to carry a StickVise in my bag. I need something like it, but something portable. Than I figured out the solution and the MobileVise born.
After a failed attempt (one of the screw holding clips broke almost imediatelly, because it was too tight, etc.), here is the working one.

The design:




In action:

The movie:

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