2017. március 15., szerda

Project 2017#1 - ESP8266 Programmer 3.

I've seen on the ebay programmers for ESP-01 module. All of them use push button for flash/reset, what was unacceptable to me. So I designed something. Not a standalone programmer, but a small extension for my ESP8266 programmer. It nothing else just two connectors and the three pull up/down resistors:

Connected to the programmer:

In work, programming an ESP-01:

To make this work, here are the settings I used in the Arduino IDE:

May some settings need explanation:

  • I used Generic ESP8266 Module to see all of the possible options.
  • QIO mode is the fastest flash access method and as we use ESP-01 here using the GPIOs occupied by the QIO is out of question.
  • 4M flash size - I replaced the 512k flash chip with a 4M one (http://pakahuszar.blogspot.hu/2016/10/esp-01-surgery.html) so it is the correct one here
  • Reset Method - nodemcu - this is the most important setting here, as this makes possible to run the programmer automatically without pressing buttons.
I think, with this I can tell, this project is finished. The only thing left, to update the github repo of it.

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