2018. január 7., vasárnap

VESA Monitor Stand

I've a Philips monitor in my lab. Unfortunately together with it's original stand it is to high. This means I can't really access the shelve behind it. I needed to place it lower, but it's original stand doesn't allow it. Yes I know, that I can buy a monitor with adjustable stand, but it cost more, and actually I've this monitor on-hand.
So I designed and built a new one.

The original status:

The stand design:

(The gray parts are aluminum extrusions)

The parts:

Yes you see correctly. It is a weight used for exercise in the gym. :-D


The monitor built on it:

In it's place:

Now I can use that shelve.
The files are published here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2749210

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