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Installing Ubuntu on BeagleBone Black

I write this post to collect all of the information needed to get a running Ubuntu configuration on the BBB. It just give a command line UI at the end.
Authentication data for the Ubuntu:
usr: ubuntu
pwd: ubuntu
The process:
1. Put a MicroSD card into an USB reader.
2. Connect an USB hub to the BBB.
3. Connect the MicroSD reader and the cordless desktop receiver to the USB HUB
4. Start the integrated Angstrom Linux
5. Download the Ubuntu Image. The information found here: http://www.armhf.com/index.php/boards/beaglebone-black/
This package is required for the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS:
6. Put the image to the SD card with the following command:
xz -cd ubuntu-precise-12.04.2-armhf-3.8.13-bone20.img.xz > /dev/sda
7. Mount the created filesystem (I forget this so I did it other way). Hopefully the devicefile correct:
mount /dev/sda2 /mnt
8. Copy the image (ubuntu-precise-12.04.2-armhf-3.8.13-bone20.img.xz) to the mounted filesystem somewhere
9. Shutdown the system put the MicroSD card into the MicroSD holder of the BBB.
10. Boot the Ubuntu first time from the SD.
11. Install the Ubuntu into the integrated MMC:
xz -cd ubuntu-precise-12.04.2-armhf-3.8.13-bone20.img.xz > /dev/mmcblk1
12. Shutdown, remove the MicroSD and start from the MMC
The first steps with the new system:
13. First of all you have to put the package management system into order:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

14. If you are using other keyboard layout than the default US you can change it:
dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration
15. Change the password of the ubuntu user to something more secure

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  1. As an alternative to the above, you can get a pre-installed and configured micro SD Flash with Ubuntu 13.04 for the BeagleBone Black on it: