2013. június 21., péntek

Sample ordering - Blow a fuse

I'm ordering samples time to time from various semiconductor manufacturers to support some of my design ideas.
I don't know what was the thing (Some LED drivers and a Wi-Fi adapter was ordered) possibly switched on the dangerous switch in the head of the TI people. I got this letter from them:

"Texas Instruments Sample System Notification for Order Number: XXXXXXX

Dear TI Sample Requester:
We are sorry for the inconvenience, but your TI Sample Order is ON HOLD.
Because TI parts are potentially being used by a company in the Defense Industry or in a Space, Avionics, and Defense Application, we require that an End Use Certification Letter be submitted to our Global Export Control team for review and approval.
Please contact us at email address ti_store@ti.com and Request a Copy of TI’s End Use Certification Letter. 

We will help you complete the certificate, get it approved, and release your sample request.

Regards, TI Worldwide Sample Program

So I requested the mentioned letter. We will see what happening...

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