2015. május 5., kedd

CNC Motor Driver 5.

I planed to build the new motor driver during the weekend, what unfortunately doesn't happened. It took an additional week. What I want to mention here, that together with the motor driver I also designed a new measurement circuit. This one is able to measure not just the rotational speed but the current (it was also in the previous but untested) and the voltage of the motor. In addition I included the necessary protection diodes what was left out from the previous one, and a configurable fifth order low pass filter to test the filter for the final design.

Here is the schematic diagram:

And the PCB design:

The first weekend achievement - etching the boards and collecting the parts:

A week later - the boards cut, populated:

The next things to come (not necessarily in this order):
  • Test this two boards
  • Design a home made pcb for MCU+Display
  • Add additional filtering into the adjustable DC
  • Design and build the last missing piece - the high voltage input 3.3V PSU
  • Test and tune the PID controller code
  • Move to the final PSU from the lab supply
  • Put everything together - write the code for the rpm setting from G-Code
  • Write the code for the voltage/current/power measurement
  • Design and order the final boards
  • Build everything into the original controller box

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