2015. május 25., hétfő

CNC Motor Driver 7. - New giveaway

It looks like the jury of the Hackaday.io likes my project. A new week passed by, and I received a new giveaway from them. I got a $50 giftcard from the Shapeways. I still think what can I do with it now. Actually as my 3D Printer is nonfunctional, it should be spent wisely.
As Mike Szczys from Hackaday said:
"I hope you'll use for your Hackaday Prize build"
I was thinking, what would be useful specially for this project. Than I decided. The controller will be fitted into the original control box of the CNC machine. Because it will require some metalwork to fit in the large display I intend to use, and the metal cutting in this case will involve some hand tools like my Dremel, it will produce not so nice looking edges. This should be covered somehow.
So I'll design, and order some custom made plastic frame for my display to get a nice look after the metalwork.
And again, encourage everybody with bright project ideas to build and share on Hackaday.io. You will not regret it. Good for you, good for the community.

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