2015. június 10., szerda

PCB vise

A few month ago I bought a PCB vise:

I found out that this one is close to the useless crap. It is not enough that is optimized for 0.8mm board thickness and I usually use 1.6mm boards, but the mechanics of the vise is catastrophic. I tried to use it a few times, but I hate it.
I was looking around the Hackaday store lately and find the Stickvise. It looked great, and I was thinking to buy one, but I've always problem with the shipping costs.

Now I decided not to buy. I'm positive, I'm absolutely sure, I'll not buy it, because...
I WON!!!
To be precise, I won two of it. Both of my projects (CNC Motor Control, USB Booster) sent to the Hackaday.io-s 2015 Hackaday Prize competition was awarded with a Stickvise this week.
I love to win things, especially things useful for me. Thank you guys.

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