2015. június 25., csütörtök

StickVise in work

The USB booster before soldering:

The USB booster after soldering:

I can tell you. I really like this thing. Before I started to use it I was afraid if it sliding on my desk, but realized that it has enough weight to keep it steady while I'm soldering.
In addition it finally became an advantage that it can be lifted from the desk:
On a home made single sided SMD board it is crucial to see the the soldering in light. So I just pick it up from the desk and look through the board. This is the best way to find any accidental short between the IC pins (specially useful for this tiny MSOP-8 package what I used here).

So in the same place this "great, absolutely top of its class" (heap of crap) Aoyue 328 is for sale:

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