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Ordering from China

I'm continuously ordering things from China on the eBay and AliExpress.
Now I ordered a USB LCD microscope. This one:

Arrived, but no battery included.
Ok. Lets talk with the seller (the gray italic is just my thoughts, not actually was in the letters)

Me: The item arrived without the rechargeable battery. I don't know if this is intentional or not (I'm aware that certain regulations doesn't allow the shipment of the battery). Anyways: Please tell me the exact battery model needed, and if keeping out the battery was unintentional, I'd like to get one.

Seller: Thank you for your kind email and sorry for the trouble.
Sorry to say the item does not include a battery.
Because of the aircraft accident, our shipping company
does not ship items with batteries included now.
Powered by: 3.7V-4.2V Rechargeable lithium battery
In this case, how about you buy the battery in your local place?
We will be responsible for the cost of the battery.
Do you agree?
We look forward to your reply.

Me: Thank you for the answer and your generous offer, but I still would like to know the exact type of the battery, because
"Powered by: 3.7V-4.2V Rechargeable lithium battery" is too generic to find out what kind of battery I need.

Seller: We confirm this is the exact type of the battery: 3.7V-4.2V Rechargeable lithium battery .
You can have a check on eBay.
Then you can choose one and buy it .
Any question is welcome.
Have a nice day.

Me: Yes, I can confirm, that you are a complete idiot.
Let's assume, that you haven't got a clue about, what kind of battery is needed, but you will never admit it.
So, to help you. Fortunately I had a Nokia battery, what almost fitted into the unit. Based on this battery I made some research, to find a bit shorter one. Actually I found installed and tried out.
Please be so kind, to add to the description to the unit, to help to the future buyers. The battery what fits into the unit is the Nokia BL-5B. I bought one, for nuts, so I don't need any refund.

In addition, one of the LEDs on the bottom is dead, what I not fill as a serious problem. I'll repair it instead of sending back.
As I not really like if somebody think I'm a fool, this will be the first time when I got the article I ordered and will not add a five star review.

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