2015. szeptember 4., péntek

KiCAD vs. GitHub

I don't know if this is documented somewhere or not. This is my findings. I see in the current KiCAD nightly builds that it is able to use module libraries from the GitHub repo, what is kind a cool. I've a long standing problem, how to share the modules I designed between my projects and machines. It would be the solution.
As somebody almost never read any manual, created a repo in my GitHub account, added my modules to it, then I went to the KiCAD and added the repo:

The result is not really what I expected.

After some reading, and trying here are my findings. The way I was thinking above, just not works.
First of all. The structure differ from that. In the KiCAD's thinking one new style of .pretty type library is "A" repo itself, and not a repo store several libraries. In addition, the KiCAD access the repo on programmatic way, so it needs some additional configuration.
So I decided to create a new organization for it on the GitHub.
Here are the steps - Kind of picture blog style. :-)

Create a new organization:

Remove the restrictions for third party application access (necessary for the KiCAD)

Add the repo for a module library:


 Adding the modules to the repo with your usual toolset

Now you can add the organization (not the repo directly) to the KiCAD:

And here is the result:

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