2018. augusztus 10., péntek

Farewell to "freedom"

I've plenty of Freescale FRDM (Freedom) boards at home. For years I was trying to create something from them. Unfortunately it was always a failure. I was analyzing the causes but can't find the reason. I can tell only just one thing we are not compatible with each other.
I'm not an idiot. I was working with MSP430, TI Tiva, AVR, ESP8266, Nuvoton ARM MCUs, STM32 (recently) in the recent years. Usually after a few days of learning, struggling I always found the way, but not with those (Kinetis series).
But they did everything to be successful. Erich Styger is writing an excelent blog (mcuoneclipse.com) on it. I learned many things from him. The Freescale was the only company from all of the MCU manufacturers who was organizing local workshops here in Hungary.
Nothing helped. So I give away my assets connected to the Kinetis/Freedom word to the newly founded makerspace: 1337

Stack of the boards waiting on my shelf to the transport.