2017. május 27., szombat

StepTest 1.

During the Cyclone mechanical build I hate when I have to wind various axes by hand from one end to the other. I was thinking. What if I build a simple circuit for the stepper motors to do this for me. No MCUs, just a stepper driver, a variable oscillator with a speed control potentiometer, a direction control switch, and the necessary power supply.
I wanted to keep it as simple as possible, so I just picked up two schematics from the net as base.
The DRV8825 stepper module minimal config from pololu:

And a 50% duty 555 config:

I used 680nF in the place of the C1 and a 1K resistor in series with a 10K potentiometer in the place of R2. Here are the result.


This allows me to change the frequency between 74 and 704Hz.

In addition to the two circuits above I added a simple 78l05 regulator, so the whole circuit runs from a single 12V supply.

Here is the build on breadboard:

During the test I realized, that the motor is quite noisy. So I think to use the microstepping and in parallel increase the frequency by reducing the value of the C1.
Next: proper build.

2017. május 26., péntek

Cyclone PCB Factory 5.

Oh, noooo.
I just tried to attach my Dremel to the Cyclone:

This doesn't work.
Just found out that I've a Dremel 300 and the Z axis is designed for the Dremel 3000.
There are no ready design available for the Dremel 300. Shit.
I've a few options:
Design a Z axis for my Proxxon.
Buy something from eBay/Aliexpress (775 DC motor, CNC spindle), they have ready Z axis design.
Buy a Dremel 3000.
After a half day thinking, evaluating the options, decided to buy a Dremel 3000. It needs the least effort now. I was able to find one for ~$40.
I ordered it in the morning. It landed in the FoxPost's box on the same evening (It was fast):

2017. május 25., csütörtök

Cyclone PCB Factory 4.

Started to correct the things from the previous post. Went to two local shops (had no more time), to find M3 grub screws for the steppers. No success.
What if I try to make a few at home.
Here is the setup:

And the result:

I think, not bad for the first try.

2017. május 24., szerda

3D Printed glass identifier

I've three kids. Usually they leave the drinking glasses around the house and after a few minutes nobody remember who owns a practicular glass.
I wanted to end this. So I designed a plastic  ring into our glasses.
Here is the result:

2017. május 23., kedd

Cyclone PCB Factory 3.

I finished (almost) the mechanical build:

I'm quite happy with it. This is the first time when my son helped me with my projects. :-)

There are two things I want to check/correct in this build:

  • I wasn't able to buy M3 grub screw. So I assembled with normal screws and adjusted the gear placement for it. I'm not happy with the solution, so I'll try to get grub screws somehow.
  • The Z axis threaded rod maybe to long. I 'll check when I put the Dremel in, and adjust the size.

2017. május 22., hétfő

Cyclone PCB Factory 2.

I started to assemble the Cyclone.
How does it look like now:

When I tried to assemble the moving bed (Y axixs),  I realized, that it has a problematic design. It is only designed for a single size PCB. If I want to mill varying sizes, I've to change it to something else.
So I designed a different one:

It is able to lock various PCB sizes.
I started to print the parts of it.
It looks like the Geeetech printer struggling with some challenges:

I clearly know, what is the problem. This model has no object cooling. I'll design some for it, but not now. Actually, I know, how can I deal with this. So I was able to print this part finally.
The assembly comes later.

2017. május 21., vasárnap

Cyclone PCB Factory 1.

I've seen in someones post on the Facebook this:

I decided, that I want one.
As one of my 3D printers (the Geeetech) started to work. This time reliably. I printed out all of the required plastic parts. From that pink PLA. :-)

Yes, this picture was already published, but I habitually late with my posts.

2017. május 19., péntek

3D Printing failure

It looks like my printer struggling with some challenges today:

This is GT2 timing belt holder for my son's plotter.
This was the design: