2013. május 23., csütörtök

I feel myself stupid

I don't understand it. I bought a few two digit 7-Segment LED displays from Kingbright. Namely DA03-11SRWA and DA03-11GWA. It has two digits and nine pins. It's multiplexed. I've two anodes and seven segment pins. Means no pin for the decimal points. It has decimal point but it's connected to nowhere. There is no connection stated in the datasheet and I found nothing when tried to find it.
I try to ask the manufacturer.

2013. május 18., szombat

Let's start

Hi, I'm Zoltan Gomori.
I'll try to write here about my hardware and software development projects.
I was working in the IT industry in the past 20 years as system administrator, consultant, manager, developer, etc.
From my childhood up to now time to time created, developed hardware projects mainly as a hobbyist. On the other side I've an Electrical Engineer degree from a College here in Hungary so maybe you can't see me as a total amateur.
I think that my experience as a programer can be utilized in my hardware projects.
This is not really the beginning. It's only the beginning in English. I started (restarted) blogging in Hungarian a few month ago here: http://it-pro-hu.blogspot.com