2023. augusztus 27., vasárnap

Dumpster Dive - "woodwork"

A few days ago, I found this nice table frame next to the dumpster.

From the paper box next to it I seen some broken glass, so I suspect it was a glass table before, but the tabletop broken. The owner just thrown it away. Actually it has no issues other than the missing top.
Yesterday I went around the city for some shopping.
Find a 120x70 LDF (not that shitty paper filled crap they mainly sell nowadays) tabletop in the IKEA (it is exactly 15cm larger than the frame in every direction) and bought some aluminum L extrusion in the Bauhaus.
Todays work:

Ooops, a scratch I made while putting it onto the tabletop

I found the function it also - Resin 3D printing and ultrasound cleaning station

Also accommodate some chemicals

and the 3D printer spare parts

Excess paint

And even some free space also left

2023. augusztus 22., kedd


There is some (re)addition to my hobbies.

A few years ago (mainly at the film based era), I was seriously involved in the amateur photography. Went nowhere without an SLR camera. A few years ago, this swept away a bit. There are many reason behind it. I guess the main reason was the better and better cameras in the smart phones.

Anyway, I was never completely satisfied with the performance of it. It was good for documenting my electronics projects but... It was good for my daily needs but...

Then the COVID came. It bring with it a closing down the things. Working in IT with cloud technologies bring almost zero need to go to into an office. My main hobby (still will be) electronics is connected to my lab, what is a closed space. Actually days passed by without going out to the street.

It looks like two and a half year was the limit to me to be able to tolerate this kind of lifestyle. Enough.

So a few weeks ago, I took out my photo equipment from the locker and started to use it. With it, go out to the city, to countryside, just for taking pictures. I love this feeling.

I also plan to move from phone to this equipment also for other photo/video related activities. For this plan, I started to upgrade my set a bit. It doesn't mean buying new equipment. Much more started to collect 2nd hand tools. Added an FX camera (Nikon D610) to be able to utilize the lenses from my film era. Added macro lenses for my object photography goals.

The current set:

My new photography journey starts here.