2016. november 19., szombat

Secret Project 2.

Two of the boards made during this week is part of my second secret project.
It is based on ESP8266:

As you see I choose the ESP-07 for this, what I've in my parts bin.
I tried to wake up the processor board:

First I loaded the standard Arduino flash test example into it. It was "working", but...
...the result is a massive failure for me:

I bought the ESP-07 modules at the beginning of the ESP8266 era, to play with it. I not even checked the flash size at that time. It has 512K (same as the ESP-01). I changed the flash on the ESP-01, but this has a metal can. Therefore it not worth the effort to change the flash.
Fortunately I've a few ESP-12Es also. So, jumped to my workshop:

Much better:

And ordered a few ESP-07S and ESP-12F.

2016. november 15., kedd