2020. november 8., vasárnap

Antenna holder

In the last few years I actively building my retro Hi-Fi sets (I don't know, when and why this started, but this is the case).

I still listen FM radios. Unfortunately the cable provider at my home upmix the FM stations into the TV frequencies and also provide them as digital channels also TV compatible. This make me impossible to listen radio on my collection of FM tuners, without proper antenna.

First option would be to build antenna to the roof of my house. I drop this idea immediately didn't want to invest the money/time to do this.

Tried to find some in room antenna, but my efforts failed. They are only selling TV antennas.

Finally I found some antennas on the Aliexpress, what was built for boomboxes or for those inexpensive FM capable bluetooth amplifiers widely available. Those also have F plug connectors, what I used several times previously.

First attempt to use this give me little success. While it was working the tightening it to the back of the radio, wasn't working properly.

Later I had the Idea, to 3D print some kind of holder for it. So I designed one:



It will be glued to the Hi-Fi rack with double sided tape:

In place: