2019. március 21., csütörtök


My dear friend Peti Racz called me a few weeks ago. He asked for a Philips  TCA530 IC. This one is located in plenty of ancient radio tuners as power supply for the varicap diodes.
The IC is not in production for years now. It is only available on eBay for insane price. For $30-60 it is incredible and you not even know if it is genuine.
Fortunately there are circulating on the internet a few circuit what can replace it. He picked one for me, I looked around for explanation, datasheet, other notes to check if it is feasible. Corrected a few things on it based on notes and my thoughts.
My goal was simple. Didn't wanted to put a big wired in board, but something tiny, fits in the place of the original IC.
Here is the result:

It is just a bit larger than the original DIP-16 package, and substantially higher. I hope, it will fit.
Waiting for the result on the first tuner...