2022. március 13., vasárnap

New workshop 3.

In almost all of my free time on the last week, I worked on the lab benches. Sanded, drilled, oiled, built.

Here is the result:

Unfortunately, it is far form the end. But at least some progress.

At the long weekend I plan to move some things down, and also start to work on my big rack cabinets I have already.

New Arrivals 4.

I couldn't resist. I bought two additional VXI Mainframes.

Since I got the first, wanted one with the keypad and the display in the front. The one without it just looks ugly.

Actually I have been fortunate with this one. From inside it is clean almost the way it just left the factory:

The second unit, I mainly bought for the boards included. It has E1340A function generator, E1330B digital I/O, and two E1345A relay mux cards in addition to the regular CPU board and multimeter.
I wasn't so fortunate with this unit:

It looks like (how here in Hungary would say) somebody pull it out from a cows ass.
The frame bended at several places. The thing is extremely dirty, dead spiders and spider web inside, the power switch button broken off, the front panel joints are broken.
As I have altogether 5 units now. I decided to part this one out. I don't know If I sell the cleaned and tested parts, or just drop it in a box to use it as spare parts for the future.

The boards for the front panel binding posts are also arrived.

Just assembled one quickly:
Unfortunately my 3D printer has some issues, So I can't print the mounting hardware right now. Update is coming on this.

As I building my new lab, I know that I'll have some twisted pair cabling work. I not yet know which kind of crimping system will I use. So ordered a Krone tool and a 110 tool.
Only the Krone arrived yet.

When arrived I just realized, I already have one in my old lab (such an idiot!)
I also bought a few things for my lab in Conrad. Among the others, I also bought a brass solder cleaner "sponge", as perviously I boght a 2nd hand soldering station. The previous owner just used a complete kitchen steel sponge, not even understand how he was able to push it in the soldering iron holder. 😃

2022. március 2., szerda

New workshop 2.

Back in December I wrote about my new workshop. It is basically a cellar I rented from the local municipality. It was in horrible condition.

More than two month elapsed since. It looks much better now.

The the broken concrete pillars repaired, the walls painted, and it got an antistatic PVC floor.

I decided to have self made desks. Fortunately I was so lucky to find 200x80x2,7cm beech tables for ~$100 each (the todays wood prices become nightmare). The plan is to have four desks. One for soldering, microscope, one corner desk for computers, one for measurements and instruments, one for mechanical work (to be honest knowing myself it will generate ~7m2 desk area to fill with mess 😂).

Bought also steel workbench legs. The desks will only be cut (just the corner unit), sanded and oiled.

Currently the corner desks wait for oiling (cutting and sanding is done).

And the legs are assembled for the rest of the desks:

This is the current status, I'll continue, when I've time for it.