2022. március 2., szerda

New workshop 2.

Back in December I wrote about my new workshop. It is basically a cellar I rented from the local municipality. It was in horrible condition.

More than two month elapsed since. It looks much better now.

The the broken concrete pillars repaired, the walls painted, and it got an antistatic PVC floor.

I decided to have self made desks. Fortunately I was so lucky to find 200x80x2,7cm beech tables for ~$100 each (the todays wood prices become nightmare). The plan is to have four desks. One for soldering, microscope, one corner desk for computers, one for measurements and instruments, one for mechanical work (to be honest knowing myself it will generate ~7m2 desk area to fill with mess 😂).

Bought also steel workbench legs. The desks will only be cut (just the corner unit), sanded and oiled.

Currently the corner desks wait for oiling (cutting and sanding is done).

And the legs are assembled for the rest of the desks:

This is the current status, I'll continue, when I've time for it.

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