2017. november 14., kedd

High Voltage DC Power Supply 2.

The circuit described bellow is dangerous. Using it improperly will kill you. On the other side I may also made mistakes during the design and built. I'll take absolutely no responsibility for it. If you want to build it, please don't ask for circuit board or help. I won't help you.

As the other PCBs are arrived for the supply, I continued the build.
Finished the separated isolated supplies for the panel meters (these are nothing else just a simple dual 7809 based linear supplies):

Also added the power distributor and some wiring for the backpanel:

Connected the panel meters and, milled parts of the front panel (manually as my CNC mill is still broken)
How the whole thing looks like today:

And its working, partially:

As you see the decimal dot is on the bad place (it is more likely 330V than 33V)
In addition I took a picture of the board on thermal camera. You can clearly see that the two capacitor draining resistors getting warm:

So I can tell, it is progressing, but quite few things still ahead of me:
  • Mill a hole for the mains socket and the circuit breaker to the backpanel
  • Mill the holes for the banana jacks to the front panel
  • Finish the wiring
  • Set the correct decimal dots
  • build a dummy load to be able to test the current measurement
  • Calibrate
  • Paint the front panel
  • Build the phase switching electronics (not mandatory, maybe after finish)
  • Create the console for the caps


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