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Let me tell a story. My story.

1996 December

I was visiting New York with my mother. It was on an invitation from a friend of my grandmother. We were there for more than 3 weeks. I don't want to write here about the full trip, just highlight two details.

We were visiting the Empire States Building (the top of it). Waiting for more than 5 hours in the line to get to the elevators. Even become dark when we where able to reach the roof and see the city from there.

On the last day of the trip, just a few hours before we left, I seen a sign somewhere that at the Pier 86 you can see the USS Intrepid museum. Unfortunately we had not enough time for the visit. It was in my mind: Next time.


I was involved in the printing industry. We were planning a trip to Düsseldorf to Drupa exhibition. My father got seriously ill, so we canceled the trip. Next year held a similar exhibition in Chicago the PRINT 01. 

2001 September 6.

My father got better, so we headed to Chicago. The trip was organized by the Hungarian printing association. Altogether 10 people went there. We decided to visit New York at the end of the trip for two days.

2001 September 9.

Arrived to New York. Took a bus ride to have some view as for some of the people this was the first visit. We were even at the WTC to look around.

2001 September 10.

Two of our colleagues wanted to go to the WTC, next day, in the early morning, to see the city from the top. They also invited me. I decided, rather not go there. First I was on a skyscraper trip 5 years before, second, I wanted to visit the USS Intrepid, what I missed in 1996.

The two colleagues didn't speak English, so they decided to come with me to the museum.

How coincident can save your life

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