2024. január 9., kedd

I'm back - Thingiverse

A few month ago I stopped to work on my hobby projects. I had many other things in my mind, changed my life a bit, restarted my photography hobby and so on.

In December I started to think about to continue my things, first in 3D printing, but not too much happened (I'll write about it later).

A few years ago when I involved myself in the 3D printing also registered an account on Thingiverse.

I published there a few things: https://www.thingiverse.com/suf/designs

After a while (not really remember exactly when) Thingiverse accused me with a copyright fraud and disabled my account. To understand, all of the designs I published designed by myself and not connected to any copyright protected thing, so I still don't understand why.

I took several attempts to recover my account - unsuccessfully, then I gave up.

Yesterday I got two notifications that somebody commented one of my designs and remixed it. It was interesting as I didn't se such in the last years.

Just tired to login. And miraculously it let me in.

I don't know what happened but I'm happy on it anyways. I just guess it has some connection with the recent events described here: https://3dprintingcenter.net/ultimaker-announces-a-major-update-to-the-thingiverse-platform/

Anyways, I'm happy with it. I feel that an indication to come back in many ways.

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