2013. június 30., vasárnap

New (sub)Project: Kinetis Development Platform

I'm planing to develop a new device. It will be some kind of widely usable serial LED display (with enormous amount of capabilities). I started to build the first version based on my regular MSP430 platform. Later I realized that the number of the I/Os of the DIP20 package will not enough. I tried to switch to the TSSOP-28 package, but both of the boards I soldered was failing (Because of the poor design of the breakout board and my SMD soldering skills. I had only two pieces of MSP430G2553 in TSSOP package in that time).
I tried to get new MCUs from the market and realized that it is not so easy here in Hungary in small quantities (or I get a really high shipment cost).
In addition the solution what I'd like to develop could require DAC and the MSP430 value line has no integrated DAC.
The two factors above and my hunger to learn additional MCU platforms lead me to switch this development effort to a different platform. My choice fell to FreeScale Kinetis KL05 series ARM Cortex-M0 MCU.
I bought the Freescale FRDM-KL05Z development platform for it.
At that time I realized that it has not enough I/O pins, the In-Circuit programmer connector has 1.27 mm ... what has high cost. There come the decision to create a development board what has the following parameters:
- Use 2.54 mm programming header
- Independent power source
- LQFP-48 form factor MCU
- Fits in the 50x50 Sick of Beige enclosure
- All of the GPIO pins available externally
- No integrated programer. I want to use the FRDM-KL05Z's OpenSDA as programer
I finished the design of the board.

I'll order the PCB from the seeedstudio on the next week (it shoud arrive after my vacation)

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