2014. január 13., hétfő

Office 365 - Microsoft way of handling things

On Friday some of our colleagues from the London office reported that the Outlook is unable to connect to the Office 365.
I checked if something happens with the Office 365 service itself. The Outlook access was definitely not working from the morning. Here is the service report:

I can translate the above report to a simple conversation between the support and the client (note: the conversation not actually happened):

Client: - Not working
Support: - We checked, working
Client: - No, it's not working
Support: - As I told before - IT IS WORKING
Client: - No, no, no. Not working. I'm unable to use it.
Support: - I tell you. Loudly and slowly - I T   I S   W O R K I N G !!!
Client: - I don't believe. I CAN'T WORK !!!
Support: Ooops. It doesn't work. We fix it.

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