2014. január 9., csütörtök

UV Lightbox 12. - Software

It been a long time since I haven't written anything. This period does not passed without trace. With quite some effort the lightbox software finished.The current status :
  • The counter and the buttons are working
  • The load switching works
  • The piezo buzzer works 
  • The functionality can be configured via USB
  • The settings can be saved to flash memory
This status can count as final, however I have a couple of things what I'm planing to imrove:
  • Improve memory organization (I'm running out of RAM and didn't like it)
  • The serial input buffer code cleanup (currently only fit one byte into. Means the Backspace does not work, it would be nice to convert the input handling completely to interrupt based, because this half interrupt, half status polling not seem to be stable)
  • Expand the configuration capability with the remaining settings such the length of beeps and tones .
This project will be a base of other gadgets therefore I need additional functionality:
  • BSL (bootstrap loader) - because it has serial port / USB anyway, why not to use for firmware upgrade
  • Clock function. It can work as a clock when the counter not running
  • Trigger based control capability
  • Energy optimization for battery based functionality

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