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USB supply - teardown

I'm sure you know that small slim power supplies what you connect to the mains and it has a USB on the top. That ones, what supplied for the iPhone.
I broke one of the mains legs.
I took it apart. Not the one supplied for the iPhone but a similar one, so there is no warranty that it is the same inside.
Here it is:

That's all.
The key component is a an ATS1636 named chip. It is manufactured by the "well known" ArtChip. Thay have a website. It is located on the artchipsemi.com address. The content is: 503 Service Unavailable.
I found a datasheet also:

The chip according to the datasheet - because my Chinese is sooo good :-D (google translate):

"ATS1636 is suitable for low-cost, high-precision constant current and voltage requirements
(CC / CV) applications. Constant current loop without optocouplers, TL431 and complement
Compensation circuitry integrated 700V power MOSFET, reducing system cost.
ATS1636 meet the output voltage of ± 5% production accuracy. Pole
Low starting current, accurate detection can easily meet EPA2.0 bottom
Energy efficiency requirements. Output cable voltage compensation can be based on customer
The required adjustment, greatly facilitate the customer on the system design.
ATS1636 also integrates several protection features: undervoltage lockout, the former
Edge blanking, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, open loop protection, lose
Short circuit protection, which greatly increases the stability of the system. ATS1636
SOP-8 package is provided, ATS1636S for SOP-7 package.

I found a schematic diagram what mostly covers the thing what I have:

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