2014. szeptember 30., kedd


Here are already wrote, that I'm in trouble regarding multimeters. If somebody want to measure electronics correctly, unfortunately one multimeter is not enough.
It is frequently required to measure various parameters in parallel. For example if you want to measure the efficiency of a power supply (what I'm playing with this days), you need four multimeters (input and output voltage and current).
The take-of point was two multimeters. An old Metex and a Chinese crap called Maxwell what I bought a few years ago.
About the same time both of it died. The Maxwell done various things, went to the trash. The Metex stopped to measure resistance correctly (I don't want to trow it away, but I don't want to use it either).
To overcome the "multimeterles" state of mine, quickly bought an Agilent (ooops, it is Keysight now) U1232A to have at least one decent meter. On top of this I bought a Sanwa PS8a. This goes into my bag, because it is not really usable on the bench. You can't even put crocodile clips on it.
So it still leave me with one DMM.
I wanted to acquire the others cheaply. Ordered 3 (just two for myself) Uni-T UT136B. This looks like a decent one even it is Chinese. And in addition ordered a HP 3478A (used cheaply) to have a reference device.
The first package lost - I still in conversation with the seller. The second one was in the hands of the Hungarian customs and the UPS for two weeks. When it finally arrived (two weeks ago), my colleague realized this is a 120V version, so I will have some work with it before I can use it.
Finally I still have only one multimeter.
Update - yesterday I got a Fluke 117 bought cheaply on ebay.

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