2014. október 18., szombat

Multimeterless 4. - Uni-T, Philips

I've some more information about my Multimeter business. The problems with the Uni-T shipment finally got a resolution. I was waiting endlessly to the seller to resend them. A day before the resolution deadline from ebay, I sent one last message without answer, so I escalated the case to the ebay. The money arrived back, but no multimeters.
Because finally I've plenty of them on hand, I highly thinking about this Uni-T ones. I'm not sure if I still need them. The only problem that not all of them was ordered to me, so I should discuss with my friend what to do.
After a long journey my Philips PM2525 also arrived. It was a some mistake by the shipping company. It went to the Czech Republic instead of Hungary, and afterwords back to Germany. The seller seen some strange information in the online tracking, so asked me if it arrived. I told him, that I haven't received it. He called up the shipping company and after some rerouting the multimeter arrived.
As it here, As usual, I made some measurements with it:
DC Voltage:

It looks on spot
When I first tried it was a mess. I finally find out that the test lead I'm using is a crap. And the result:

It looks like it is on spot. Great meter.
Finally I tried to look inside. It is a definite failure:

I just have a bit type Torx screwdriver what doesn't fit into the hole deep in the stands of the meter and I don't want to destroy the screwheads - go shopping! :-)

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