2015. július 8., szerda

UV Lightbox 17. - Restarting the project

This project was put on the side for a year now. Mostly because of the following factors:

  • Haven't found a good solution for the cover and the top glass/plexy
  • Needed to create the inserts for the back panel and as the CNC died, my intention to do it, died with it
  • I didn't liked the result of the woodwork

About the glass/plexy:
The problem I had with it, what kind of glass/plexy/etc. should I use on the top of the LEDs to be able to allow the UV light to go through it. Even I scored a UV integrator on the eBay (for ~$20) to be able to measure the performance of the LEDs through the chosen material.
Around two month ago an idea pop into my mind that I was thinking in the wrong way all the time.

What if I turn the whole thing upside down?

  1. I don't need any material between the LEDs and the mask.
  2. When I put the mask on to the work piece I can see the alignment, not just guess it.

Now the next step is designing and building a new enclosure. Even I went further with the thinking. I put the whole thing into a flat closed box (without an lid what can be opened) and add a drawer for the work piece. This way it occupies less space, because I can put things on the top of it.

Than I designed a new enclosure:

I've turned the lighting boards from the bottom to the top, added two drawers. The upper one keep the board during the processing, the lower one is just a drawer for copper clad boards - I'll store them there.
Now I have to disassemble this design into its components to be able to manufacture. The question what I can't answer right now, if I'll cut the pieces myself, or order it somewhere.

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