2015. szeptember 16., szerda

USB Microscope "Stand"

To be honest, I'm not a great fan of Lego. While I was a child, I played with it, but not to much. I was jumping into the electronics quite early and abandoned Lego.
The years passed, and now I've a son, who is obsessed to the Lego. This frighten me a bit.

Together with the one I wrote about, I bought an other microscope also. I wanted to use this as a magnifying glass on my desk. Arrived. I realized that the stand came with it, is a heap of crap.
I wanted to have something what I can build quickly, because I've no time to build the final solution, what is in my mind.
So I borrowed some Lego parts from my son. Here is the result. The height can be adjusted, solving the focus adjustment:

In the background you can see the image it makes.

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