2015. november 11., szerda


Just three weeks left out of the two years since I continuously struggling with my 3D printer. I put it aside several times, because it creates the feeling of being unsuccessful, every time I touch it. To every successful print the way goes through at least ten unsuccessful ones and hardware tweaking. The 3D printer is not a goal, it is a tool for me.
Two days ago, I was in such a good mood that I felt, even a 3D print can be successful. I was wrong. Tried to print out some standoffs for the printer itself from PLA, to allow enough airflow to cool the badly designed electronics inside to be able to print with ABS without Marlin freezing to death (as usual).
First print failed - my fault the filament stuck outside the printer.
Second print failed - the Y axis started to jump something like this: http://community.robo3d.com/index.php?threads/shifting-layers-in-y-axis.4690/
Third print - The head picked up the whole print, and I still trying to remove the plastic from the print head.
So, it is ENOUGH!!! Not worth the effort. This is a badly designed complete crap. I think I put already much more effort into tweaking this than it worth. "Beyond economical repair" :-)
As today is the Big Chinese Online Shopping Day, I bought a decent printer from Geeetech, for a quite reasonable price (less than a half of "that crap"):

 And when it arrive, "that crap" goes to Vatera (local ebay like auction portal)

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