2016. január 19., kedd

Motherboard repair

I had a home grew storage server based on Nexenta. It was working for a few years. Unfortunately it wasn't stable. The storage part was rock solid, but the web interface died frequently. In addition I had problems with the boot SSDs.
A few weeks ago finally I migrated everything off it and disassembled the machine. It come out, what I thought is a software problem, maybe a hardware issue:

Two of the same size/type capacitors are dead on the motherboard. As I realized no known (at least to me) markings on the cap, I thought that Intel played incorrectly and used some cheap shitty caps.
Desoldered them, looked around the net, and found out, these are United Chemicon Low ESR caps, so good quality. Maybe this series has some manufacturing issue. Out of the several ones on the board just the 3300uF/6.3V ones died:

8.8uF and 13.4uF in the place of 3300uF not really looks like enough. :-D

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