2017. április 8., szombat

GeeeTech 3D Printer 5.

Oh no. It still not finished.
I had the feeling, that I finished the problems with my GeeeTech printer.
I started to print and my designs came out nicely. I was using some old PLA rolls from 3D Factory (I guess) and the roll of blue Geeetech PLA came with this printer.
I was working on a fun project to my kids. One of my daughters wanted her thing in pink (what a surprise). I had a roll of pink material from Herz filament.
The result was devastating:

The solid layers (let say the first 2mm) came out correctly, but the hotend stuck afterward.
Tried it many times, with the same result. The same design was working correctly with the GeeeTech blue.
Tried to change the temperature, not helped.
So I had the feeling that something is wrong with the Herz material. I ordered another pink roll, this time from 3DW.
Next try, same result. Oh shit, so there should be other problem.
I started to think. What is the difference between the solid layers and the small parts printed later?
The retract.
On the solid layers the extruder almost never retract the material, on the tiny parts above, continuously.
When I built this printer I chosen a E3D v6 hotend clone for it. It had teflon tubing in the heatbreak what I didn't like, so I replaced it with the heatbreak of my unused E3D v5.
There is something wrong with tihs?

As you see the hole size of the v5 barely bigger than the diameter of the filament. The v6 give much more space. When the filament retracted the liquid bubble on the tip of the filament cooling down and stuck into the heatbreak.
Cleaned, replaced, and here is the result:

Just I don't know what the hell will I do with almost 2kg ugly pink filament.

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