2017. március 28., kedd

GeeeTech 3D Printer 4.

I didn't want to give it up here, or wait for the bearings to arrive. At the thingiverse on one of the Geeetech pulley's description I seen something about, that they used bearings without pulleys in the past.
I checked, the bearings in my parts box has 4mm hole, and two of them nicely fits into the pulley holder. Yes I know, that keeping the timing belt in the center is almost impossible from now.

The printer started to work, now more clicking noise.
...or not?
Started to hear the awful clicking noise. This time it was coming from the Y axis (the bed). Replaced the pulley with bearings also here.
Started to print.
It looks like the X and Y axis looks working, but I started to loose the layer adhesion at a certain height.

I thought that the Z axis needs some lubricant (as it already sounded awful during fast moves). I was looking around but found nothing. Not even some WD40.
Next day I picked up this in the shop:

Now my prints are coming out as good as never before:

At least not from this printer.
I think the build/repair of the Geeetech printer is finished now. Regarding 3D printing I can concentrate to the improvements, repairing the Robo 3D and printing parts for my other designs (like my son's plotter)
The End

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