2017. március 19., vasárnap

GeeeTech 3D Printer 1.

Ouch, I started to write about my new Geeetech 3D printer more than a year ago. I didn't finish that post, so I'm extending it now.

I started the build in December 2015. Later on suddenly my Robo3D repaired (I done a few steps on it, it started to work as perfectly as never before: http://pakahuszar.blogspot.hu/2016/01/3d-printing-seams-working.html)

About the build:

  • I'm not really satisfied with the building instructions. There are many errors in it, like listing wrong screws, building timing belt assembly for the bed completely useless, requiring the videos for some parts, because the instructions are not enough, etc. But on the other hand, I seen much worse manual already
  • The supplied 180W power supply is a joke. Five steppers, the electronics, the 40W head heating, and the bed. It will hardly keep this going. According to Thomas Sanlederer's video, you need 0.6W/cm2 for the bed (200x200cm bed require 240W). So I replaced it to a 500W one.
  • Looked around the forums, I found out that the supplied MK8 extruder is a crap. Use teflon tubing and even the motor can't provide the required torq: http://www.rc-cam.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4034-geeetech-mk8-extruder-tips-tricks-3d-printers/. So I decided, to change this to a Bulldog Lite/E3D v6 combination (the project stopped here for a while - waiting for parts and spare time)
    • Created a holder from a 25/60mm aluminum L extrusion

    • Rearranged the Z endstop, as the new hotend is longer.

  • Cut a few centimeter shorter threaded rods to elliminate the X axis wobling:
    Cutting the rod was less destructive than the original solution (btw. I kept the original rod and bought a new one in the local hardware store)

  • Added a borosilicate glass to the top of the aluminum build platform and mounted it with the supplied paper clips
  • Added a Raspberry Pi 2B with Ubuntu + Octoprint to drive it.

The above was finished during the last summer. It started to print, but the extruder's stepper continuously losing steps, or even stuck.
I tried to replace the Allegro driver to TI one, but not really helped. After a few prints around September/October I gave up.
In addition the Robo3D also stopped to work with the usual extrusion problem. So I gave up the 3D Printing for a while.

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