2017. március 21., kedd

GeeeTech 3D Printer 2.

A few days ago a new project come. My son "ordered" a pen plotter (he said we will build it together).
This definitely needs some 3D printed parts. So I decided to repair the Geeetech printer.
  • I rebuilt the Raspberry PI, Ubuntu, Octoprint set using the newest versions.
  • Replaced the Bulldog motor with a higher torque one.
  • Replaced the TI driver for a new one. Just to be sure if it works correctly. Set the motor current to 1.2A (the max is 1.5A)
Finally It started to print. But...
I still hear the clicking noise from the extruder. It looks like it doesn't loose steps as the filament is coming out from the hotend as expected. I don't know what it is. I can't do anything about it right now.
So I've a working 3D printer. Or not?

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