2021. november 30., kedd

USB-RS232 Interface

As implementation of my plan to continue to work on my measurement control solution, first I done the design of the USB-RS232 interface. It could be, that this is not the last version of it, but the design is done for now.

It is based on the CH340G chip what I used for my ESP8266 programmer with great success, also have it in various chinese USB-Serial cables, Arduinos, 3D printer boards and almost never had a single problem with it. To achieve the proper signal level I added an MAX232 to it.

Probably this solution is not optimal as it is lack of all of the RS232 signals, but I think it is good enough for now (I don't want to put much more effort into it for now).

The schematic:

The PCB design:

As you may realize from the schematic and the PCB, it has a "dual" USB connection. It means the USB signals are exists both of an micro USB connector and a pin header. This solution give the versatility to use the device with USB connector or soldered in cable.
According to this concept I designed two different enclosure.
With USB connector:

And with cable connectivity:

You can realize that the board color is gray on the exploded views above. The reason is that I wasn't able to import color 3D model to the OpenSCAD what I use for 3D modeling.
The original 3D view looks like this:

Currently I'm not planning to order the board yet because I want to panelize it with the next version of my GPIB hardware what I'm designing right now.

All of the design files you can find here:

Also as I planed reorganization of my measurement control things, all of the connecting repositories will appear here:

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