2022. február 7., hétfő

New Arrivals 3. - feels like Christmas

After the EU eliminated the €22 tax free limit for the incoming goods (I don't know if this was the reason), AliExpress changed the delivery method. They are collecting the things you ordered from various suppliers and put those to a single envelope. You get the envelope faster, from a trusted courier and not from the local post.

The packages inside. I feel like Christmas with many presents

Now, check, what is inside.
Binding posts and switches for my front panel project (https://pakahuszar.blogspot.com/2022/01/hp-e1300a-front-binding-posts-1.html). As those are here, I can take a few measurement to check, everything is in order with my design, and I can order the boards for it.

I'm using replacement fans in the E1300A originally designed for PCs. I'm not a big fan of  cutting the plugs from it and replace with the E1300A compatible one (yess, I'm an idiot). So I ordered connectors. With those I can create converters between the fan connector and the connector on the E1300A power board.

Back in December I bought a Keithley 236 SMU (didn't write about it here). It has triaxial connectors. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find (or cheap) triax connector or double shielded cable (the one has insulation between the two shielding layers). I think a bit further. The SMU measure between the inner core and the first shield. This means insulation between the poles, what is capacitance and therefore leakage current (yes, it is just picoamperes, but it has impact on the measurement at the levels where the SMU is working). So what if I use instead two cables shielded separately, and put those into a single external insulator.
For this I bought some pigtail cable for this. It is so tiny (1.3mm diameter), that I have doubts if I can work with it.
We will see, when the connectors also arrive.

In my free time, I'm still working on my measurement control software. On the side of trying out as many instruments as I can, I also want to test it with various GPIB interfaces (just USB based ones right now).
So I ordered an NI GPIB-USB-HS (I already have an Agilent 82357B).
From the packaging, markings it totally looks like original.

And the funny thing. It came from China, but it is manufactured here in Hungary.

And the last item for today.
I scored this unit locally for ~$20. I mainly bought it for the case itself (a solid modular eurocard size enclosure). It contains also a 24V PSU, four TDA2030 based power amplifiers and several connectors.
I plan to use the enclosure for my long abandoned (hopefully restarting) Curve Tracer project.

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