2022. január 26., szerda

HP E1300A Front binding posts 1.

Have you ever fall into the situation when you feel you have a quick and easy project, and at the day you realize it took tremendous amount of your time?

This is that kind of project.

Back to the beginning, I'm working on repairing, programming my HP E1300A VXI mainframes (actually I've three of it). The look of the front panel is a joke. A big beige panel with almost nothing on it.

The other thing I don't like on this instrument that it has binding posts for the integrated DMM just on the back side.

I don't want to modify the unit the way it can't be undone, but I need the binding posts to the front panel.

What I almost certainly know, I'll never use the space for the floppy drive for anything. The faceplate can be easily removed, and put something into it's place.

So I designed a small breakout board, with front panel, mounting hardware here. There were missing library parts, modules, 3D models in the KiCAD, first time used FreeCAD for the final assembly, made a millimeter misalignment during the design, and various additional problems. This made a week project from the one I planned for a single evening.

Here is the result:

I think there is not too much additional thing to write about it.

The design files are located here: 


I'm just thinking loudly. Is there a demand for this unit? Maybe it could be my attempt after a few years to sell one of my designs on the eBay or Tindie.

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