2022. január 8., szombat

New arrivals 1.

I decided to write a "mailbag" like posts.
Here is the first one.
What arrived recently.
As I wrote previously, the mains inlet of the E1300A VXI mainframe blown. The replacement arrived. Unfortunately I got one out of the ordered two. I plan to install it in the next few days.

The boards for the USB-RS232 and the new USB-GPIB arrived. Not yet know, when can I build from it.

A local catch. I bought a "few" Kingbright 15x15mm four element LED bars. Altogether more than 500pcs. It was around ¢15 each. I don't have too much idea what to build from it yet (just some cloudy ones).

This is for this week (I intend to continue on the next)

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