2022. január 19., szerda

New Arrivals 2.

As I planned, continue the new arrivals series

Keithley buttons

I've a Keithley 2001 multimeter. It had some issues with the front panel buttons. One broken, a few others stuck a bit when pushed. I ordered it long time ago. Unfortunately they sent a set for the 2000 one, what has different button labels.

As I also have Keithley 2000 multimeters I kept that one as spare part and reordered once again. Finally the correct one arrived.

I just bought a few J107 J-FETs, nothing interesting in it as such. I'm planning a rather interesting project with those what intend to solve one of my old electronics puzzles in my head.
Also bought 2A 6.3x32 fuses for the new power inlet module in the E1300A.
I made a mistake here. I checked the fuse holder in the old module, but the new use 5x20 fuses:

Keithley 2010 / HP 34401A
This was a local catch. Found a Keithley 2010 and a HP 34401A multimeter locally. Fortunately below the eBay prices. Had not enough time to test them yet. But the first tests looks promising.

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