2023. január 16., hétfő

New Arrival 9.

2023.01.05: It is kind of funny (or annoying you can judge).
My resin printer was ordered at the beginning of December in one single order.
Before Christmas arrived:
Shipment 1. - The printer itself
Shipment 2. - The wash & cure machine
Shipment 3. - 1l resin + air pure units
Yesterday arrived one single extra wash container (Shipment 4.). And still things are remaining. I don't know, how much this cost to AnyCubic.

2023.01.06: I was working a project previously. It is a replacement of the TCA530 IC what can be found in many FM radios before the era of the digital synthesis (PLL). It is a precision power supply for varicap diodes and AFC circuit. As it has an internal heated reference, but reside in a PDIP package, it intend to die after 30-40 years.
So I found a schematic for the replacement. I made some minimal adjustment on it, and shrink to fit two small PCBs, make it a pop in replacement (it is just higher than the original IC, but most of the cases it is not an issue).

This unit has some issues (questionable AFC performance, different reference voltage), so I intend to develop a v2 version, but now, from my own ideas and not a publicly available circuit diagram.
For this I was eagerly needing a working original IC.
I ordered two, it wasn't cheep. Arrived. One of my family members took the package.
It was put somewhere in the flat, so disappeared forever.
Ok, so ordered second time, now it is here

No, please don't even ask. It is not for sale. At least until, the v2 replacement is ready.
2023.01.09: The local government operated post are mostly a bunch of idiots. A package arrived for me to a post office, what is not the close one to the delivery address and not the central distribution center. They just put there (I guess) randomly.
Anyway. Picked it up:

Finally: spare screen protector, vats, fep foils arrived. With this my Anycubic order is complete. Five separate shipments of one single order. I think it is neither economical nor environment friendly. 😕
Anyway, I can start my resin experiments as soon I get there, to have time for it.
Same day. Currier came:

Big ass ESP32 board. Ordered it for some USB/Bluetooth HID experiments. I've an idea in my mind, so, we will see (as soon the current projects ready)
Same shipment:

Four different microphone module. I need it for my current project. I'll write about later. It has a same secrecy as my Melodyn project was - it can be presented when the surprise factor is over. In mid March.
2023.01.14: I was on the monthly HAM flea market as usual in the last few month.
As previously this time also picked up some interesting things.

AC milivoltmeter. Yes I know it is East-German, it is not the best quality. But it look clean, and I guess for $15 still worth it. I wanted to have an analog AC millivolt meter, but two channel dual needle configuration, but for a while, I can use this if needed.
A bonus thing (unfortunately, not mine):

It is a Bizerba weight scale large VFD display. Got it from a friend on the flea market, to do the hard work of reverse engineering, additional hardware design and driver writing for Arduino.

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