2023. január 9., hétfő

EPROM burning 21/25V 3. - Closing

The first two parts of this post:
Back in 2021 I was starting this project based on this ground:
  • The TL866II is unable to handle any device programable above 18V
  • My HP 8903B has 21V EPROMs and I wanted to refresh them
  • The T56 programmers cost are way above the amount I would pay for this
Since then a few things happened. First I lost the ordered boards of this project. During the moving to my new lab, I was unable to find, where are those. Actually just 2-3 month ago showed up from one of my boxes. I was ordering the parts needed to build it, but had other projects to work on, so put it aside second time.
Bit later I realized that the XGECU (the manufacturer of the TL866II and T56) come out with a new programmer model the T48. It has reasonable price and the plugin modules I already bought for the TL866II are compatible with it.

Ordered it, programmed the EPROMs for my HP 8903B. So the story ends here from my perspective.
This project shelved, I not intend to build it. Maybe once, I'll try. Actually, I not even now if it id work. Anybody want to experiment with it, welcome. I can give a board for this.
Also my original TL866II will be on sale soon.

On the side of it, I planed to build a proper EPROM eraser. I ordered one, with the T48. It has mechanical timer, and not something, what I really like, but it does its job, so the EPROM eraser project also canceled.

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