2023. március 20., hétfő

New Arrival 10. - Additions to my lab

There are many other things arrived since the last "new arrival" post, but today, I'd like to focus on the additions to my lab.

Agilent 53131A

Actually a few years ago I bought a 53181A Frequency Counter. Actually one of my former projects required a two channel counter, so it was itching in me, to get the bigger one.

For surprise my old 53181A had the high stability oven option. So now, I moved the OCXO reference to the new unit. I'll sell the 53181A finally (no, don't ask for the price, I've the buyer for it).

I finished the project were I think before, I need the analog multimeter, during the weekend - without it. Before that I scored this nice Hioki FET multimeter.

I don't know, if or when will I need it, but for ~$40 is nice addition to my lab (actually building some bench unit is still in my focus)

I still have one half junk PM3082 oscilloscope lying around. I didn't give up to repair it. There is no picture on the CRT. My suspect is the high voltage supply. Playing with the 16500V rail is not a child play.

I scored this for nuts, to achive the task (when I have time for it):

Fluke 80K-40 probe in carrying case. Good for 40kV.

Two additional equipment. Those are not yet arrived. Those are somewhere at the currier services

Bruster Digistant 6405

Yes, I have already a similar unit, but for GBP60, I can't leave it there.

Boonton 8201 Modulation Analyzer

No, I will not become an RF guy. Actually I've four Panasonic/Leaver VP-8193 units. I want to test, repair them (and finally sell three of it).
I read through the service manual. I have most of the required or similar test equipment mentioned in the manual (Audio Analyzer, Oscilloscope, Low frequency spectrum analyzer, multimeters, etc.)
The only missing piece was the Modulation Analyzer/Measuring Receiver. The manual mention HP 8901A/B or 8902A. Those units are going for insane price on the eBay.
I was thinking to try to simulate the function with my HackRF SDR, but I think the result will be questionable, and probably need some programming, what is time.
I was so fortunate to score this unit for the third of the cheapest HP 8901A. I think this one has the same, or better function, and optically looks much better, than any HP unit I seen online.

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