2013. december 9., hétfő

Frequency counter V2 7. - Problems

Unfortunately, the things are not going as smooth as I'd like.
Last night there was not much time to deal with the circuit. This morning I started it. First, it is one of the display segment was not working. It was very difficult to find the problem under magnifying glass, resoldered several tings until the error corrected. After it the counting not started. There was a 4MHz oscillator output. As it turned out, the problem was not the oscillator itself, but the output. There was a short to the ground. When these was solved, turned out to snag something with the input protection, because if I tie directly to the MCU input leg the signal is good, but not at the circuit input (I get
something around 10KHz instead of the 4MHz). 
There are we  now. Unfortunately, it seems that I'm going to slip a few days with it.

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