2013. december 14., szombat

Frequency counter V2 9. - Prototype finished

This morning (started to write this three days ago, but just finished now), I came to the end of what planed in the prototype.The device works measuring frequency, period of time and is able to display time period value as frequency with three decimal places.It already meets (and in some ways outperforms) the customer's demand.Of course, this does not mean the end of the project . I'm trying to summarize what's left:Hardware:
  • The current design has a jumper/dip switch block what works, but something is not as good as it should be, because I did not think this originally well over .
  • Should be handle the future expandability. This is mainly for to the control switches and feedback of those.
  • It should be think over what can be done with an MCU has two timers instead one.
  • I should plan some add-ons . They can also be combined circuits of the following: OCXO , power supply, input signal conditioning , input divider, control panel
  • Create the plans of the production PCB.
  • It should be handle if we are outside of the measurement range. Counter overflow, missing gate signal, etc. .
  • Fix the time period display to always print out nanoseconds.
  • Measurement of the fill factor.
  • Managing different time base (eg, external 10MHz. For the OCXO it will be needed)
  • Automatic measurement type selection (for low frequency period of time, for high-frequency frequency measurement)
  • Displaying more accurate measurement result using averaging
  • The code for the add-ons.
  • Employing the WDT+ for the display handling/multiplexing
That's all for now. Question when I can deal with it again. Within a few days for sure.

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