2014. július 10., csütörtök

CNC - working with aluminum

For my CNC improvement project I wanted to mill the front and back panels of the PSU enclosure. I never worked before with aluminum on my CNC mill, so I started to look around on the internet to decide the feed rate, and the cutting depth. On the top of this, I'm cautious man, so looked around in my workshop to find a piece of aluminum sheet for experimenting.
I set the parameters based on my thoughts. Started the machine and crack. The milling bit broke.
This will not work. I set the parameters massively lower rates. This time I was able to mill something like 10 mm before the spindle stoped and the next bit broke.

I think over the whole thing once more. I can't decide, that only the power supply isn't powerfull enough, or the spindle drive itself also the problem. I think I'll go to the forum to ask around.

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