2014. július 2., szerda

3D Printer - The struggling continues

On the weekend I took a deep breath and continued the renovation of my 3D printer. I should create a bunch of things with it.
A few month ago I moved it to a different part of my house and hadn't touch it sience.
Saturday morning:
I went to the basement where the thing reside (next to my CNC machine). There was no lighting, no electricity.
I went to the switch-box. All of the circuit breakers are on. I went out to the house gate to check the utilities switch-box. Everything fine there either.
Back to my switch-box in the garage. I see that one of the fi-relays switched off. I can't switch it back.
I switched on/off various things, removed some plugs from the outlet, finally I was able to switch the relay back.
After five years enough. Enough of the folded paper keeps the door of the switch-box in place. I searched for a magnetic lock, cut, drilled things (the lock wasn't easily installable) and finally I've a good working door.
This eaten up my whole spare time.
I continued the investigation.
After a long search I realized that the PDU where I connected my equipments are rotten. Exactly. The humidity is really high in this basement and on the grounding pin of the PDU some copper oxide built up. This was enough for the 30mA conduction. I can't disassemble it (at least easily), because it was assembled with unscrewable screws. Trash.
I don't have any other usable PDU at home, and it's getting late..
I went to the shop. I bought a few things amongst it an IP44 protected outdoor PDU.
Connected everything, at least I've electricity.
I started with the first alteration. Changed the AC SSR what I used previously to a (meantime arrived) DC one.
Tested the heating of the bed. It stopped at 75°C. I waited for a while but it didn't heated further. To be exact the SSR heated, but the bed not.
Today morning
It pop into my mind to measure the voltage drop of the SSR. 4 volts. Awsome! Excellent! -> Trash.

Fortunatelly I ordered two of it. Exchanged. It has 2 volt drop. It is still outside the specification but I was able to heat the bed with it to 105°C.
Started to print. And Yes! It grind the filament again. The only good thing that I was able to remove the filament in one piece from the hot head. At least I don't need to disassemble it.

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